Chocolat Mathez: the perfect truffle at coffee time

Are you looking for a supplier of individually wrapped chocolates?

Discover our flavored French cacao truffle, ideal coffee companion!

Give your customers a warm welcome and let them linger a little longer over their tea or coffee, with our elegant cacao truffle.  At Chocolat Mathez, French chocolatier since 1934, we offer you a range of individually packaged truffles in a variety of flavors: popcorn, sea salt, Cointreau…?  Choosing is the hardest part!

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5 reasons why we should sit alongside your coffee!

    1. Promoting French-made: offer a French accompaniment to beverages with our truffle, crafted near Angers in the beautiful Loire Valley region.
    2. Personalized packaging: Let us prepare tailor-made wrapping with your logo and colorway, for an even more unique experience!
    3. A delicious treat: We’ve kept the same recipe since 1934, choosing our raw materials with care and prioritizing natural flavors and/or crispy inclusions.
    4. Tailored recipes: We’ve developed organic-Fairtrade truffles, gluten free truffles as well as palm oil-free truffles to meet all expectations.
    5. Stand out from the crowd: The truffle takes on a new identity as a means of communication, an instagrammable detail, a branding tool and a unique coffee partner!

Hotels, restaurants, cafés: let us convince your customers

Established in 1934, CHOCOLAT MATHEZ is a French chocolatier specialized in crafting cacao truffles.  Our traditional plain chocolate truffle recipe gives rise to over 30 flavor varieties: you simply choose which ones will make an irresistible accompaniment to your coffee.  For cafés, hotels and restaurants, wholesalers, this sweet treat is individually wrapped and may be personalized to create a single-chocolate advertisement.

From breakfast time to a coffee break in the meeting room, from the dining area to the lounge, in a hotel or restaurant, there’s always a reason to pause over a cup of coffee or tea.  These delectable, individually-wrapped treats provide the pleasure of receiving an unexpected gift.


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